Building Program

Learning Hubs

The restoration of Wandin Yallock Primary School seeks to promote and facilitate educational philosophies and to instill a design flexibility that accommodates contemporary education ideals. An architectural design journey has been derived from notions of place, land, and history embedded within the site and dictated by the community.


The school’s strong relationship to the landscape also inspired key design initiatives. The new design of the school seeks to create flexible, adaptable and inspiring educational spaces that link strongly to the outdoors. The project is a blend of interior and exterior learning zones. The whole site is considered an all-encompassing learning environment.


The school environment is considered a community precinct and therefore the design reflects community ideals at the first point of entry, the arrival zone seeks to impart a sense of place, ownership and pride.

Stage 2 of our Building Program is well and truly underway with a completion date around the end of August 2013. This entails the construction of a 4 learning studios and an modernisation of the administration area in the original 1870's school house. These new buildings complement the Stage 1 Learning Studios complete at the end of 2012.


The video below highlighting the Stage 1 building gives an idea of what our classrooms will look like.




Our school has seen significant changes to the landscape over the past few years. As part of the capital works program, a master plan for the re-landscaping of the school has been developed. Click the link below to see this master plan.


Wandin Yallock Landsacpe Master Plan