It is compulsory for all students to wear full uniform when participating in all school events whether at school or off site. Doing so encourages in students, a sense of connectedness and belonging to their school and promotes school spirit. It also communicates membership to the wider community and can be a safety matter when out of the school.  


The school uniform is available for purchase from the office.  


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Plain black shorts, red polo shirt, red and white check dress, red, white or black socks, red broad brimmed hat in terms 1 and 4, red school jumper or jacket.

Winter clothing may be worn on cool days.



Plain black pants (not jeans), leggings or tracksuit pants, red polo shirt, black, white or red skivvy, red jumper, windcheater, bomber jacket or hooded jacket, red, white or black socks. Beanies and scarves may be worn outside, but must be plain red or black.



Closed shoes or sneakers must be worn.  Fashion shoes with leather soles or open toes are not permitted for safety reasons. If wearing leather school shoes, a pair of sneakers will be needed for physical education and other sport activities. Many students bring slippers for use in side during cooler and wetter months when shoes are often removed. Additionally many students bring gumboots to wear on the days they visit the farm with their class.


During terms 1 and 4 children may bring their own sunscreen for personal use. This is not to be shared with other children. Staff members are not responsible for application of sunscreen.


Make-up, including nail polish is not to be worn at school. Jewellery such as dangly earrings, bracelets, necklaces are not to be worn. Watches and plain sleeper or stud earrings are acceptable. Students with hair past shoulder length must have it tied back for safety reasons.



Occasionally the school holds free dress or dress up days. These are usually associated with some form of social service fundraising event and participation in them by students is optional. Students are to ensure they dress appropriately for school on these days. Singlets and other short sleeved tops, clothing with offensive words or imagery, very short skirts or shorts, crop tops, thongs etc. are not appropriate for school. Parents will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate clothing if students wear such items on free dress days.