National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program


The school community has benefited enormously from the contributions of our chaplain, Michelle Watson. Michelle provides pastoral care to students with a particular focus on building self-esteem and resilience.  She encourages safe behaviours and help-seeking attitudes and supports teachers to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment.


The chaplain will support students and families with reconciliation, managing feelings around grief and loss and critical incident support. Common problems include anger management and dealing constructively with anxiety.


Michelle provides support to parents through parent courses and responds to parent requests to help out with children’s personal challenges. Referrals can be made to local community agencies and other support services like ChildFirst. 

Michelle has facilitated ‘Jigsaw’ classroom programs, ‘Kool Kids Positive Parents’, friendship workshops, ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ parenting program, a remembrance ceremony, various incursions and lunchtime currently running the Jigsaw Program.


The Chaplaincy Program is funded by the Commonwealth and supported by our local churches and participation by students and families is voluntary.

If you would like to contact Michelle, she is a school on Mondays and Thursdays or you can leave a message at the office for her to call back.