School Council

School Council & Sub Committees

 The School Council plays an important role in the overall planning and administration of the school.  It meets once a month throughout the year.  Members are always interested to hear from you if you have any queries or suggestions.  For a copy of all members’ names, please call at the Office.  Sub-Committees of School Council are listed below. Parents are welcome to attend any of these sub-committee meetings.  These groups all report to the School Council. You are also most welcome to attend School Council as an observer.



The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial management of the school.  Parents are welcome to participate in this vital area of our school’s management.  Meetings are held a minimum of 8 times a year.



The Education Committee oversees areas of curriculum and all educational activities.  Parents are invited to participate and be part of making important decisions about school learning programs.  Meetings are generally held prior to School Council a minimum of 8 times a year.



The Facilities Committee is responsible for all buildings, grounds and equipment.  This group plan for future developments, the purchase of new equipment and is responsible for the upgrade, maintenance and upkeep of all buildings, grounds and equipment. 



The Fundraising Friends Committee organises a variety of activities to raise vital funds for equipment and programs for the students at our School.  The aim is to involve all families in these activities.  Meetings are held as advertised in the newsletter.

This group reports directly to the School Council regarding its activities and provides funds for extra school equipment and offers an environment for new parents to make new friends. 



The Graduation Committee organise the Graduation luncheon for the Grade 6 Students at the end of the year.  They also are responsible for raising any extra funds required above the funding provide by the Fundraising Committee.


Two members from each grade are elected early in the year.  The Junior School Council provides a forum for children to share their ideas about the everyday functioning of the school.  It enables them to experience firsthand the democratic decision- making process.  It reports monthly to the School Council.



The Enviro Squad (previously known as Junior Facilities) enables student representation from each class to have input to decision-making regarding the development and maintenance of school grounds and facilities.  The Enviro Squad also actively promote messages about sustainability and other environmental issues, locally and globally. They report to the School Council through the Facilities Committee.