Fundraising Friends Committee


The Fundraising Friends Committee organise a variety of activities throughout the year. The money raised is used to fund our grade 6 graduation lunch, Christmas gift books for the children and to purchase items from our priority list which is a wish list of equipment and events which the school community would like and is voted on by the community.




Our aim is to provide activities for the children such as the disco, food theme days, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day events and to cater for and support community events such as the Wandin Silvan Field days, the Wandin Custom Car Show and the Wandin Park Horse Trials.  The Fundraisng Fiends Committee try to limit the amount of "drives" offered to the community.  They try to raise money more outside the Wandin Yallock Community.




We also run a welcoming program which provides a setting for new parents to meet new people within the school community.




Meetings are held as advertised in the newsletter.